Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Nailed it

A few Wishful Wednesdays ago I posted about some jewelry that had been on my radar. I ended up buying the Nailed It bangle from Jeweliq, and I absolutely love it. 

I've previously posted about how much I love Jeweliq. Everything on their site is $25 or less, and they always have free shipping. And seriously, I'm a sucker for free shipping. 

When I purchased my first item from Jeweliq, they included the sweetest note, and I secretly hoped I'd get another one this time, which come to find out, I did! 

I can't say enough about Jeweliq's awesome customer service. It's little things like this that truly make a difference when shopping online. 

Here are a few other items I'm currently craving from Jeweliq: 

What's your favorite item from Jeweliq? 

(I was not compensated in any way for this post. I just wanted to again share how awesome I think Jeweliq is.)


  1. yup, free shipping...i'm sold!

  2. That is so awesome that you get a personalized note with each purchase!

  3. I can't believe they sent you that little note! How fun..I love good customer service/care like that.