Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hair help

I've been wanting to do something different with my hair (in terms of styling it) for awhile, especially now that it's getting long enough to actually do something with it. (Thank goodness.) I have thin, fine hair and I either wear it straight or use some sea salt spray and let it dry naturally and wavy. What I really want to do though is learn how to curl it with either a wand or a curling iron. I can't even remember the last time I curled my hair—just because it never lasts. I could never find the right product to keep the curls from falling out. So here's where I need your help, pretty please!

When you curl your hair, do you use a wand or a curling iron? And what hair spray, root lifter, etc. is the best to use?

I spent my Sunday doing productive things like googling how to curl my hair with a wand and stumbled across The Small Things Blog and totally fell in love with all of Kate's hair tutorials and makeup tips. She uses a product called Acquage Uplifting Foam, and after watching her video on how to use it, I can see that it works, but I'm still a little intimidated to try it. Have any of you tried it?

Also, I am probably the last one on the planet who hasn't tried the sock bun yet either. Does anyone know how long hair has to be for a successful sock bun?

I'm grateful for any and all advice! Tell me your secrets to pretty curled hair!


  1. My hair always loses the curl too, but for some reason I keep trying it. If you find a good system please do share. Regarding the sock bun, your hair doesn't have to be long at all. In fact I think it works better on medium length hair compared to long hair. And my friend's hair just barely reaches her shoulders and her sock bun looks amaazing!

  2. I use a curling iron like a wand, by wrapping the curl around and holding it. I always leave about an inch out at the bottom so it doesn't look too "done." Use Elnett hairspray! It's the best and not too crunchy feeling.