Thursday, November 29, 2012

Keurig rant

Dear Keurig, 

Does that coffee mug look full to you? 

Because it certainly does not look full to me. It's actually about a quarter full, to be exact. And this is after I've hit the button for a large cup. 

I thought one of the benefits of using a Keurig was that it brews the perfect size of coffee every time. Recently, however, our Keurig has decided it wants to play games with how much coffee it's going to brew on any given occasion. 

I don't play games with my coffee. 

I want a full cup — I don't want to have to hit the brew button twice and get watered-down coffee the second time around, and I surely do not feel like filling the container with coffee grounds two separate times. And worst of all, I don't want to clean up the hot water spewing from every direction as my coffee brews. 

I follow the instructions and make sure everything is lined up and fitting correctly, and this catastrophe still happens every morning. 

Keurig, if you're reading this, I'll take a replacement as soon as you can send me one. 


  1. Someone told me that if you brew it again using the same cup, you'll get more. I've never tried it. Or, try calling their customer service. They were really helpful when ours got jammed and sent us a brand new one!

  2. I have the SAME problem !!! Omigosh, it drives me crazy.

  3. My roommate and I had the same problem just a few weeks ago. She read somewhere that it happens from time to time and that you need to run vinegar through the machine to get anything unclogged that might be stuck in the system. (Then run water through a few times so your coffee doesn't taste vinegar-y.) Hope this helps!
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