Friday, January 6, 2012

Guilty pleasures

We all have guilty pleasures — some we freely admit to and others, maybe not so much. Here are two of mine that aren't too embarrassing to admit.

US Weekly is, in my opinion, the Rolls-Royce of tabloid magazines. My mom gets them in the mail every week (perhaps this is where this guilty pleasure stems from) and she keeps them for me to read when I come home to visit. It's not the kind of magazine I would buy on my own; I love the celebrity gossip but I can access it much easier from Perez Hilton or even on Twitter. I'm more likely to flip through the mag while I stand in line in the grocery store and hate on whichever Kardashian "graces" its cover that week. Despite its overexposure of that annoying, media-hungry family (#sorrynotsorry), I still love reading this magazine. I also think US Weekly runs more credible articles than the other trashy tabloids like Star or OK! Let's face it, they broke the Aston/Demi divorce drama before anyone else. Plus, I like to keep tabs on my girl Sandra and her cute baby Louis. And poor Katy Perry being dumped by Russell Brand (even though I think we all saw that one coming). Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds — what a power couple. They would have beautiful babies. But then again, Blake and Leo would have, too. Seriously though, who doesn't have a crush on Blake?

Another guilty pleasure I will admit to is Pinterest. Maybe some of you wouldn't consider the site a guilty pleasure, but I do because it's such a glorious waste of time. Whenever I have free time and I'm on the computer (like when Facebook is being particularly boring or no one has tweeted me recently) I head on over to Pinterest. I look for cute outfit ideas, recipes for appetizers or drinks, decorating tips, or anything else interesting that will waste a few minutes hours. I've recently put together outfits from ideas I've seen on Pinterest and have been very happy with the results. I admit some things on the site can be silly (and some are definitely Photoshopped) but in all, I find it fun and useful. And the iPhone app makes it easy to kill some time during — I mean before — class.It's also how I came up with a name for my blog.

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