Thursday, February 16, 2012

NYC, here we come!

It's official! Last night, Aimee and I booked our train tickets for our spring break trip to the big apple! I haven't been in five years, which is way too long if you ask me. I'm so excited to see my dear friends Elizabeth and Rachel, who are kind enough to let us stay with them. You two are the best! :) I'm also excited to travel with Aimee, who's a pro adventurer. Over Christmas break, she took a train ride across the country, spent the day in LA, then flew back to the East Coast! How exciting, right? Aimee and I have a trip to LA planned for the summer, which I'm also super excited about.

Aimee has a few NYC adventures on her bucket list that we need to check off (seeing a Broadway play and visiting Ground Zero). Since I don't have a bucket list (yet), what are some other things we should do while we're there? I'm also already stressing about what to wear. (I am awful at packing for trips.) Any ideas or advice will be much appreciated!

Fun fact: The last time I was in New York, I was on TRL the day Ashton Kutcher was there. Remember that show? Anyway, I'd love to spot a different celeb this time. Also, if you're reading this Elizabeth, let's go to that brunch place you were telling me about! I miss sharing carafes of bloody marys and mimosas with you on Sundays.

I'm so excited! It's hard to believe this trip is only two weeks away!

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. new follower!! NY will be so fun, I have always wanted to go there!

  2. So exciting! If you've read my blog, I live in NYC and there is always something to do!! A Broadway play and Ground Zero are a must! (I saw Mamma Mia and it was fantastic, but I'm sure they are all great!) If you haven't already, make sure you check out Central Park and take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge! Also the High Line is a really cool park/trail that used to be a train track but they turned into a park! Have fun!

  3. Oh, that is so cool, I would love to visit someday NYC!

  4. How fun! I love NYC and it'll be a perfect place for Spring Break. Lucky it's only a train ride away for you!

  5. i am going to NY at the end of march--my first time tho! :)

    great blog you have!

  6. I'm reading! We're going to brunch! And eating cheeseburgers at Shake Shack!