Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday randoms

Here are some random Thursday thoughts and things to make up for my lack of posting this week!

First, how cute is the new background on my phone? I'm sharing it with all of you, so steal away if you love it too!

Next, I've been drinking water like crazy lately thanks to this new trick I've picked up from Marilyn. If you carry your Caemelbak with you 24/7 like we do, you're probably already drinking more water than other people anyway. But try adding a little bit of lemon juice to your water, and I bet you'll drink twice as much as you are now.

I should say that using fresh lemon juice is better (and has more health benefits) than using lemon juice from concentrate, but the already-bottled juice is just so much easier. I just add a tiny bit to a glass of water or to my Camelbak, and it just tastes so much better than plain old regular water. Not only do I drink more water daily, I also crave Diet Coke less. I haven't had any diet soda in over a week, which is huge for me. One word of caution, though — articles online have warned about the acidity of lemon juice and your teeth, so try drinking it through a straw. If you try this, let me know what you think! 

Once again, I'm late on posting this batch of Feb. photos. Story of my life, right? 

16. My watch and Pandora bracelet are both still new, but the newest addition is the pearl charm Michael gave me for Valentine's Day. 
17. I snuck out of work 20 minutes early that day! Shhh...don't tell! 
18. My Camelbak goes everywhere with me. It may even be time for a new one. 
19. I had a hard time thinking of something I hate to do, but some morning I just hate the process of getting ready. Maybe I need a personal makeup artist. That would make life easier!
20. My grocery list!

Whew, T.G.I.A.F! (Thank God it's almost Friday!)


  1. I love adding lemon to my water. Definitely makes you drink more!

  2. Sounds totally weird, but I love water on it's own! I always get water with lemon at restaurants, but I could drink GALLONS of water in a day! Love me some Diet Coke though, sometimes cancels out the water. Lol

  3. love your new background (: !! I hope your weekend is wonderful !