Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars 2012: Red Carpet Hits and Misses

I hope everyone isn't too tired of hearing about the Oscars by now. (I'm sure not.) I was watching a recap this morning and everyone seemed to think the celebs played it safe on the red carpet this year. In my opinion, though, there were plenty of beautiful gowns (and a fair share of not-so-beautiful gowns). Here are my hits and misses.


I though Milla Jovovich looked so beautiful and elegant in her one-shouldered gown by Elie Saab. With her dark hair and red lip, I think she looks like the epitome of classy.

Penelope Cruz stunned in this off-the-shoulder Armani Privé lavender gown. The color of this gown complements Penelope's skin and hair color so well, and it almost reminds me of Mila Kunis' beautiful Elie Saab gown from last year's Academy Awards.

Next, I think we can all agree that Michelle Williams looked beautiful in this red strapless tulle gown by Louis Vuitton. I think part of the reason why I like Michelle so much has to do with what she told Elle magazine about her hair: "I cut it for the one straight man who has ever liked short hair and I wear it in memorial of somebody who really loved it." How sweet is that?

I loved The Help and I'm so glad Octavia Spencer won for best supporting actress. She looks wonderful in this sunburst embroidered dress by Tadashi Shoji. Love, love her.

And finally, what is there not to like about Natalie Portman? I think she is fantastic in every sense of the word, and she looks perfect in this fitted polka-dotted Dior dress. 


Girlfriend, what were you thinking? Rooney Mara's white Givenchy Couture gown, which was custom made by Ricardo Tisci, is just too much for me. She's too pale for a gown this light, and the severe bangs aren't doing it for me. 

Meryl Streep missed the mark with this gold gown by Lanvin. The fabric looks like it would be scratchy and uncomfortable, not to mention I just hate the color.

It seemed like everyone loved Jennifer Lopez's silver gown by Zuhair Murad, but I don't understand why. I think the pattern draws attention to her hips, and don't get me started on her weird, slitted long sleeves. You can do better, J.Lo.

on the fence

I think Glenn Close's green jacket/dress combination by Zac Posen works because, come on, it's Glenn Close we're talking about. But I'm not so sure this number would work for anyone else. I don't hate it, but still don't know if I love it. 

Angelina, Angelina, Angelina. I'm trying not to be biased here (I'm team Jen all the way), so let's see if I can be fair in my critique. I think her black velvet Atelier Versace gown is lovely and perfectly understated enough. I also think her makeup and hair look good for once, too. So why is she on my "On the fence" list? I guess I can't be unbiased after all. Brad, what the hell were you thinking? Jennifer Aniston is, and will always be, both prettier and classier than Angelina. #sorrynotsorry

It pains me to do this, Sandra. You know you're my favorite, but I'm not sure if I'm loving this two-tone Marchesa on you. I'm giving you an "A" for effort because I love you and all, but next time, let's do better. And let's try smiling a little more, too.

What do you think? Who are your picks for best and worst dressed?

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  1. completely agree with your list! sandra killed me with that dress though.. I love her, but not the dress.

  2. loved your thoughts on Sandra. i thought the same thing the whole time ... i love her so much that i didn't want to say that i wasn't a fan of the dress. i agree with the A for effort.

  3. Yes, Octavia looked amazing and I'm so happy that she won! She deserves the best!

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  4. I bursted out laughing when I read what you said about Angelina! I'm also obviously on team Jen.

  5. definitely putting JLo on the miss list- was so not a fan- looks like she was about to bust outta that dress! i loved octavia and kristen wiig- both so gorgeous!

  6. I did my own little recap and we agree on lots of these! Penelope Cruz was just divine!

    I'm a new reader and so happy that I stumbled across your cute blog!

  7. Milla Jovovich hit it spot on. I'm in love with that dress.

    found the route