Thursday, February 9, 2012

Throwback Thursday

Today I'm linking up with Lauren at Flip Flops on Fifth for Throwback Thursday!

Let's talk about our 90s faves! I grew up in the 90s, and man, did I have some cute (and by cute I mean awful and huge) glasses. Look at those things! And those bangs — yikes! 

The viking ghost next to my is my brother. (We liked dressing up throughout the year, not just for Halloween.) My brother and I also loved watching Nickelodeon together. All the time. How many of theses shows did you love? 

What was your favorite snack back then? You better believe mine was DunkAroos! And don't forget the Gushers, Fruit Rollups, and Capri Sun.

Other things I loved in the 90s: 
  • Playing Oregon Trail and "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?"
  • Reading "Goosebumps" books
  • My bright pink Skip-It
  • Watching the original Power Rangers (embarrassing, I know)
  • Pogs, Beanie Babies, and actually being afraid of "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"
  • Caller ID being brand new and totally awesome 
  • Playing kick the can, kickball, and flashlight tag with the kids on my street
  • Fighting with my brother over who got to sit in the front seat of the car
  • My chunky-heeled purple Sketchers tennis shoes (waaaaay more embarrassing than liking Power Rangers)
  • Slinkies, Pokeman cards, trolls, and my Walkman
  • Hanson, N*SYNC, BSB, Britney, and Christina 

Whew, that was fun! What do you remember and love from the 90s?


  1. Aww ! Thanks for bringing up some great memories! The 90s were the best. Such happy times.

  2. Loved the 90's! We had a furby that would talk even without the batteries. It was awful and scary to say the least! Lol I will never forget it. So many great things from back then. Loved what you named off!

  3. Oh my gosh I loved Dunakaroos. You don't just eat, you dunkaroo!

  4. Every kid at elementary school was either sporting a tomagotchi or a yoyo. Best toys ever. I love how you have caller ID on here..totally forgot about that!

  5. Ah love this list! It makes me so happy!

  6. Just laughed out loud at the thought of Dunkaroos! SO TRUE!!! Your blog is just adorable!

    xx Missy

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    Thanks so much!
    Emily, from

  8. I remember all of those!! OH wow! I use to play power rangers in my back yard with my friends and we use to fight over who was going to be the pink one! I use to have a Pog maker, to make my own! I am now a follower of your blog:) Stop by mine and say hello, and follow back if you would like:)

    <3 marielley

  9. I'm so glad everyone liked this post! Thanks for the sweet thoughts and for sharing your memories! xoxo