Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Photo a day updates

I'm really behind on posting this second batch of photos from the February challenge, but better late than never, right?

6. Dinner from my favorite sushi place. Yum!
7. A button from one of my favorite Express coats.
8. The sun in the late afternoon sky.
9. An old decoration on the door to my room.
10. A self portrait.

And here is the most recent batch...

11. Hope makes me so happy! She is my absolute favorite. How cute is she??
12. The inside of my OCD color-coordinated closet.
13. The sky was really this blue. No filter needed.
14. A pretty little pink heart on my red nails for Valentine's Day. 
15. My adorable phone case from Etsy that was a birthday gift from my friends.

How are your Feb photos coming along?


  1. LOVE this idea! I wish I had known about it before February was almost over haha! Thanks for the follow because now I got to see your cute blog! I'm now following :)


  2. Loving the photos!! And the set up! I think I might try doing a little layout thing like this next time I go a couple days without posting my picture a day. So cute.

  3. wow you are doing so well with the challenge! i forget to take them every other day it seems!

  4. I love your phone case!! And the self-portrait. Gorgeous!