Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekly gratitude

I'm linking up with Katie at Let's Be Preppy for this short but sweet post for today.

1. I'm thankful for a lazy Sunday. Michael and I watched movies and relaxed all day, and I felt so rested this morning when I woke up. (We saw Safe House and I was surprised how much I liked it!)

2. I'm thankful for the little bit of snow that we had, and although I wish we had gotten more, it was pretty while it lasted.

3. I'm thankful for Marilyn, my dedicated workout partner for the last week, who is helping kick my butt into shape at the gym. Thanks for sticking with me through my whining and complaining!

4. I'm thankful for an easier (at least so far) and more interesting semester. I'm enjoying all of my classes, which I'm pleasantly surprised about.

5. I'm thankful for my health and happiness, and for the health and happiness of those dearest to me. It's so easy to take every day and every little thing for granted—sometimes I just need to remember to stop and count my blessings.

6. I'm thankful it's almost spring break, and I'm even more thankful for Elizabeth and Rachel's hospitality for our spring break trip. The NYC countdown has begun!

I hope everyone had a great start to their week!


  1. I miss lazy Sundays - I don't think I've had one Sunday off in six months though so it's very upsetting!! I wish I had a work out partner to motivate me in shape. Luck you ((:

  2. And I'm thankful to have you sweating it out right next to me! Way to be thankful for the little things:)

  3. So jealous you are going to NYC! You will have a blast and I am sure you deserve it after this semester of school. I've been out of school for a year and will be going back in July. Excited, but then is school. Lol Glad you had a great wknd girl!

  4. Love this gratitude! Lazy sundays are the best!